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The Endowment Levels of the Brownsville Scholars Program

Mike Hernandez III

The founder and CEO of D&M Leading in Dallas-Fort Worth, Micheal “Mike” Albert Hernandez III is a dedicated philanthropist who supports various nonprofits and educational initiatives. Committed to charitable endeavors, Mike Hernandez III donates to the Brownsville Scholars Program, a four-year tuition scholarship program that provides Brownsville students with low incomes with financial assistance to attend Texas A&M University.

While the program has enough funding to offer scholarships to students through 2020, it will require financial assistance from donors in order to continue helping more students. Those who make a gift will also help Texas A&M to achieve its endowment goal of $7 million. The university offers five endowment levels, each of which is designated for a different component of the Brownsville Scholars Program. The endowment levels, which range from $25,000 to $500,000, are discussed here:
A gift of $25,000 will provide program participants who complete an internship in Cameron County with a $1,000 award, which will enable them to develop new connections and increase the likelihood that they will return to South Texas after graduating.
Fish Camp Sponsorships
Gifts of $25,000 will enable first-year students to attend Fish Camp before beginning classes at Texas A&M. During this four-day excursion, they will receive guidance on how to achieve success in college, obtain valuable career advice from counselors, and join others in fun group events.
Academic Enrichment
A $100,000 endowed gift provides participants with financial support to engage in a variety of enrichment experiences, ranging from mission work and study-abroad programs to out-of-town conferences and workshops. Each student will receive a stipend of up to $4,000.
Donors who give $125,000 gifts will help to ensure that first-generation students with low incomes can pursue their educational and career goals through scholarships averaging $4,500 a year. This also serves to fill gaps after state and federal aid.
Living-Learning Community
Gifts of $500,000 enable participants to reside in one of Texas A&M’s residence halls and become members of a living-learning community. Throughout their studies, they will learn from relevant speakers, engage in leadership-development activities, and obtain access to small-group mentorship opportunities.

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