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OP 10.33 Awards College Scholarships to Low-Income Students in Texas

Mike Hernandez III

A native of Brownsville, Texas, Micheal “Mike” Albert Hernandez III serves as the CEO of D & M Leasing, a fleet vehicle leasing company. In addition to managing a successful Dallas-Fort Worth business, Mike Hernandez III works to alleviate poverty through the nonprofit organization he founded, OP 10.33 PAC.

Focused on transforming Brownsville, Texas, from the poorest city in America into a thriving community by the year 2033, OP 10.33 has funded 10 full-ride scholarships to Texas A&M University for the past few years. Last year, some of the scholarship recipients attended a luncheon hosted by IBC Bank in Brownsville to talk with current high school students about the transformative experience of studying at Texas A&M.

The scholarship recipients are making good use of the funds by surpassing their academic goals, said Bonnie Davila, the Texas A&M coordinator for scholarship activities. The scholarships are only part of OP 10.33’s ambitious plan to invest $10 million over the next decade in education, workforce training, and other economic opportunity programs in Cameron County.

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