• Mike Hernandez III Works to Lift Cameron County above Poverty Line

    Mike Hernandez III

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    Micheal Albert Hernandez III owns D & M Leasing in Dallas, Texas. Mike Hernandez III took a job at the auto leasing company straight out of college at Texas A&M University and quickly rose through the ranks. In 1990, Mike Hernandez III purchased an interest in the company, which he eventually bought out in 2005. After expanding his holdings into insurance, oil, cattle, real estate, and other assets, he entered into semiretirement in 2011.

    Over the last few years, Mr. Hernandez has greatly expanded his presence in charitable works. Born and raised in Brownsville, Texas, he returned to the area to give back to the community. He created the OP 10.33 PAC, a political organization dedicated to lifting Brownsville out of poverty by 2033. He is also a driving force behind V3 Army for the Good, the Cameron County Education Initiative, and an array of educational and scholarship organizations.

  • Education

    Texas A&M University

    Bachelor's degree (1983)

    Industrial Distribution

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    A successful business owner and philanthropist, Micheal Albert “Mike” Hernandez III is the CEO of...
    A native of Brownsville, Texas, Micheal “Mike” Albert Hernandez III serves as the CEO of D & M...
    The founder and CEO of D&M Leading in Dallas-Fort Worth, Micheal “Mike” Albert Hernandez III is a...
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